Chemo Days and Pain Free Nights

Plant Based Medicine Made by the People for the People

We are a group of cancer fighters and survivors who make medicine while fighting cancer. All of our meds are developed for us, by us, and tested using results from scans and blood tests to ensure their efficacy. We are constantly developing new formulas that are helping us in our fight against cancer.

Our products are only available to members of the Chemo Days and Pain Free Nights Cancer Fighter Group on Facebook or a caregiver of one. To gain access to our website, please click the link to join the group.

We offer an ever-changing and growing product list from other sources that have products available to us cancer fighters and survivors. To purchase our products, we ask that you provide your Canadian Cancer Association number or, in the case of a caregiver, the name and number of the person in your care.

Please note that this is not a place to buy recreational weed. Our site provides information on tools that we use to fight cancer, and we also have links to the places where we buy these cancer fight tools that work for us. All information on this site should be approved by your doctor to use to offset the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

We are proud to say that all of our cannabis is organically grown and lab tested for purity and potency. Join us in our fight against cancer with Green Goodness. Please note that you must be over 19 years old to visit our site.


Living in Balanced Harmony with Cancer and LIFE